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Excerpt from a REORIENT interview with Asad Faulwell on his series Les Femmes d’Alger:reorientmag:

"In both present-day Palestine and in colonial Algeria, there is and was a large native population being occupied through the use of force. In both cases, these native populations are and were treated as being less human than their occupiers, and violent and non-violent resistance are and were being used to combat oppression. While I do see my work as a celebration of resistance, I do not see it as a justification or celebration of violent resistance. I [rather] make an attempt to show the torment and psychological anguish that these women must have lived with. If anything, I think my work points to the moral ambiguity of using violence to overthrow an oppressive entity. In the paintings, the women are often depicted carrying the book, The Wretched of the Earth by Frantz Fanon. In his book, he says that violent opposition to colonial rule is necessary to ‘repair’ the self-esteem of the oppressed indigenous population. I think there is a case to be made for this mode of thinking; I think there is an equally valid argument that violence in any form is never justified and is rarely effective in achieving the desired result.”
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Syria Revolution [ No More Lions ] Design By: Mohamed Mousa
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They killed me once / Then wore my face many times "How I Became an Article" - Samih al-Qasim
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Woah. Talk about a time warp. Just rediscovered my Polyvore account and my eclectic (and unfortunately, expensive) taste in fashion. Prompted a further flashback to middle school when I used to sketch out entire imaginary fashion magazines.